Personal Tutoring [MBChB]

Personal Tutoring – 4 domains

  • Academic support (helping students to improve their academic performance)
  • Personal and professional development (helping students to develop as a future doctor, reflect and plan a career)
  • Community of learning (helping students to identify with the medical school and the NHS and feel that they are known and valued as an individual)
  • Pastoral support (helping students in difficulty)

The most recent handbook can be accessed here: Handbook for MBChB Personal Tutors

Meet the Student Support Team

The Medical School is committed to enhancing the student experience and enabling students to maximise their achivements during their Undergraduate years.  While students are at University they may find they need support with other external factors that are impacting on their performance. The MBChB Student support team provides an enhanced level of support to students, in co-ordination with their Personal Tutors, Clinical Tutor Associates and Year teams.

Personal Tutors

The first point of contact as a student at the University of Edinburgh should be the Personal Tutor (PT). Students will have routine meetings 2-3 times each academic year, and if students have academic, pastoral or professional concerns, then the PT will help by directing them to the appropriate support where relevant. Each student has a Personal Tutor for the duration of their programme.

Students' responsibility to their PT:

  • Attend meetings when arranged
  • Maintain a professional level of communication
  • Record meetings notes on the system
  • Prepare for meetings in advance
  • Set goals, tasks & priorities and act and reflect on them
  • Reflect on your academic performance

Clinical Tutor Associates

A Clinical Tutor Associates (CTA) is a junior doctor who has chosen to provide additional bespoke teaching for MBChB students in Years 4-6. Their role is to help student with any aspect of their teaching and learning through individual teaching sessions. They offer 'À la Carte' teaching - ranging from ECG practice to Clinical Skills practice to Finals preparation and anything in between.

Student Support Group

The Student Support Group is available to all students. Any student requiring additional support, help or advice can contact us at any time. You can visit us at the Student Support office on the 1st Floor of Chancellor's Building. We can also be reached by email on or by telephone on 0131 242 6509.

Who are the SSG?

Neale Summers, Student Experience Officer

Margaret Cullen, Senior Tutor

Kirsty Dundas, Associate Senior Tutor

Fanney Kristmundsdottir, Dean of Pastoral Care

Robby Steel, Psychological and Psychiatric Advisor